How To Save Marriage 101

Wondering how to save marriage? Treat your partner in the ways you want to be treated.
Many people want to learn how to save marriage, and while the problems and solutions are very different from couple to couple, there are some basic skills that you can learn that will help you get through all types of trouble in a marriage.


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It is no secret that poor communication is one of the top problems in many marriages. In many cases, both partners want to be able to vocalize their feelings, but are impatient with their partner when they want to do the same.

One of the top bits of advice in any good How to Save Marriage 101 class would include learning to be a good listener.

There is more to being a good listener than just hearing the words your partner is saying. You must really pay attention and listen past the words to the true meaning of what they are trying to express.

No one expects you to be a mind reader, but if you give it just a little bit of effort, you can learn to really listen to your spouse and to understand their style of communication.


How to Save Marriage 101 rule number two would be to remember what drew you to your spouse in the first place. No matter how in love with each other a couple may be while they are dating and in the early years of marriage, after a while it is quite easy to take each other granted.

The grass in every other pasture will start to look greener and you will see every flaw of your partner. Remember that those flaws were there while you were dating, but there was something about him or her that made you willing to put up with the bad so you could forever have and hold the good qualities they possess.

It is a good idea to often think back to when you first met. What did you do to show your love? How did you look at him or her? How did you talk to each other?

Sometimes getting back to these basics can go long way in learning how to save marriage.

The Golden Rule

Most people have heard about the Golden Rule since childhood. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. In no situation is this advice more important than in a marriage.

It is amazing how some spouses think it is acceptable to ignore, talk down to or yell at their partner. Is that how you treat everyone? Do you talk to people at work that way? Do you treat strangers in the store so poorly? Is this how you want others to treat and talk to you?

Many people in a struggling marriage treat every person in their lives better than they treat the person that they vowed to love and cherish forever. Does this make any sense?

Apply the Golden Rule in your marriage. You will be surprised at how much peace and happiness that one chance can bring.

No matter what the issues in your marriage are, these how to save marriage basics can put you on the road to repairing that which is broken.

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